Monsters today! #campcreativity #artteacher (at Hill Center)


Self-portrait stories! #campcreativity #artteacher #artintegration (at Hill Center)


Teaching art camp this year to 5-8 yr olds! Had to try these #Pinterest-popular big mouth sculptures. Painted with watercolors. Unfortunately #Crayola air dry clay didn’t hold up well with the little hands. Lots of repairs needed. #artteacher #artteacherproblems (at Hill Center)


I’ve been away from this account and enjoying my personal life this summer! But I had to share all my art encounters so far this summer! #artteacher #arted #artineurope #artmuseum #museummemories #travel #teachersummer happy summer everyone!!!


Two Rivers Art Fall 2013
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Two Rivers Art Spring 2014
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#tbt to taking these little kinder nuggets to the national portrait gallery. #artteacher #artsed (at National Portrait Gallery (United States))

Photo Set



Kehinde Wiley is turning art history on its head — and every 20-something art lover should know his name

Born in Los Angeles in 1977, the African-American artist works within the boundaries set by the Old European portrait masters like Titian. Wiley’s twist is that he frames the black cultural experience within the pomp, majesty and enormous gilded frames of white art history.

And people are paying attention. 

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yes. yes. and more yes. 

Love him.

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"Schools out 4 summer! To all the #artteachers: May this be a summer of sun, inspiration & rejuvenation #artsed #SummerBreak"


So empty. #seeyain6weeks #summerbreak (at Two Rivers Public Charter School)